32.2 Summer/Fall 2020

2019 Barthelme Prize

2019 Translation Prize in Prose

2019 Beauchamp Prize in Critical Art Writing


  • The Annex by Brian Evenson
  • House of Stars by Joy Baglio
  • Longer Than She Would Have in the Wild by Maria Lioutaia
  • The Rash by Sarah Rose Etter
  • Why Don't You Play? by Rachel Heng



  • Proof Sheet by Nahal Suzanne Jamir
  • The Shallows by Fátima Policarpo
  • Home Game by JoAnna Novak
  • With Violence & Doubt by Joseph Earl Thomas
  • Toward a Country and Western Song by Jill Talbot


  • 2 Poems: Forgive Me for Being Hesitant; and Want by Kieron Walquist
  • 2 Poems: All About All Hallows' Eve; and Is There Something Like Murder for Trees by D. A. Powell
  • Dis (ORDER) by Emily Yong
  • Fuels Management by Carolyn Orosz
  • On My Birthday by Randall Mann
  • 2 Poems: Consequence; and Only by Ronaldo V. Wilson
  • The Bereavement Committee Offers Its Condolences by Carrie Shipers
  • 2 Poems: Portrait of Love as Orchid Show; and Portrait of Love with Palindromes by Kristin Robertson
  • Light Upon Light by Luce López-Baralt (Transl. by Suzanne Jill Levine)
  • 2 Poems: A Small God Carrying Endless Light; and from "Decorporeal" by Anthony Sutton
  • Asta So by Khaty Xiong
  • 2 Poems: Our Lady Who Thinks She Is a Saint; and Rage Goddess by Alison Pelegrin
  • 2 Poems: Beloved Estranged Identical Twin; and The Belvedere Torso is Missing His Breasts by Noah Baldino
  • Buffalo Poem by Jimmy Santiago Baca
  • 2 Poems: 75; and 77 by Samson Allal
  • Remember This When You're Hungry by Su Cho
  • Feast with Grief as Its Center by Megan Peak
  • Barely Disfigured by Stephen Massimilla
  • PrEP Day 4 by Benjamin S. Grossberg
  • 2 Poems: Gush; and The True Work by Craig Morgan Teicher
  • 2 Poems: Losses; and What That Dark Was Like by Jennifer Moss
  • How We're Made by Dayna Patterson
  • The Real Thing by Esther Lin
  • 2 Poems: Hang Time; and Night Years by Graham Foust
  • 2 Poems: Self (IV); and The Heart of the Sonnet by Supritha Rajan
  • 2 Poems: What They Ask About the Eclipse; and An Alphabet for Ghost Children by Sarah Barber
  • Metonymy by Sierra Nelson
  • 2 Poems: Raven House Apartment; and fragment 16, Saphho by Lisa Levin

Creative & Critical Art Writing

  • Sorry. V. Young, Etc by Dan Fox
  • Zanele Muholi by Dean Daderko
  • Stitching Adolescence by Leslie Moody Castro


  • A Review of Driving in Cars with Homeless Men by Kate Wisel by Ben Murphy
  • Works by Jean Giono in English Translation by Nathaniel Popkin