Discounted July Subscriptions

Ian Stansel

Apr 19, 2011

We know that extra cash is in short supply for so many people these days and that things like magazines are luxuries compared to many other products around the house. We here at Gulf Coast are feeling the pinch, too, with state funding cuts to arts organizations like ours and increasing competition for readers such as yourself. That's why for the month of July we'll be offering a discounted subscription rate on Gulf Coast. Just head on over to our subscription page, and when you enter the coupon code "JUL" you'll get six dollars off the regular subscription price. That's two big, beautiful issues of Gulf Coast for ten bucks (the regular newsstand price for just one issue). The support of Gulf Coast not only gets you some of the best new stories, essays, and poetry to be found on the literary scene, it also helps us to support our writers (fresh new voices alongside venerable favorites) and to remain a venue where those writers can submit their work free of charge. What They Say... The folks over at NewPages call our current issue, Gulf Coast23.2, "gorgeous" and filled with "luminous grace." The Review Review notes that Gulf Coast is "timely and engaged with society and the larger world in which the literature is being created," while Fiction Writers Review calls Gulf Coast "a stalwart in the literary space." And if you didn't get your hands on issue 22.2 from last fall (still available here), you missed the story "Pleiades" by Anjali Sachdeva, which came to the attention of bestselling author Dave Eggers via a student and which compelled him to write in the Washington Post: "Sometimes we read things that are okay. Sometimes we read things that we find important in some way - that we learn from, but that don't particularly get us all riled up. And sometimes we read something that just astounds and grabs and makes its way into the bones of everyone in the class." For Eggers, that something was in the pages of Gulf Coast. What's Coming... We've just closed our reading period for Gulf Coast 24.1, due out this fall, and it's already looking like one of our most compelling issues yet. The issue will feature a section of translated work, with pieces originally written in Arabic, Danish, French, and Spanish. You'll enjoy visual art from all over the world and a special nonfiction report on organizations in the US that offer asylum to politically persecuted writers. It will also feature poetry from Sherman Alexie, Lily Brown, Graham Foust, Alex Lemon, Sharon Olds, Stanley Plumly, and many others. There are stories from Michael Czyzniejewski, Rav Grewal-Kök, Teresa Milbrodt, Ann Tashi Slater, and new voices Danny Thahn Nguyen and Mario Rosado. And the nonfiction line-up includes Joe Bonomo, Lorraine Doran, Katherine Dykstra, Chidelia Edochie, Stephanie Harrison, and Kristen Radtke. The issue will also feature the winners of the 2011 Gulf Coast Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry, and, as always, intriguing and thought-provoking interviews and reviews. We know that ten dollars isn't nothing. But we hope that if you love great stories, essays, and poetry, this special discount will urge you to consider subscribing to Gulf Coast. Ian Stansel Editor, Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts